Ceri Morgan Seasonal Bee Inspector

At the bee sale I had the chance to meet Ceri Morgan who is the new seasonal bee inspector for our area.  Ceri has been a beekeeper since 1992 and his role as a bee inspector is, as he described it, to “inspect as many brood boxes as he can”.

The bee inspection service is free to the beekeeper and its remit is bee health.  Ceri has a list of members and will be contacting them individually to arrange to carry out inspection of your bees.  Beekeepers who are not members of a beekeeping association are strongly advised to register with beebase.

Beekeepers should be on the lookout for disorders and manage those they can if they suspect a AFB or EFB disease problem they should immediately give Ceri a call on 01239 612078 or 07977 553780.