Pembrokeshire Beekeepers’ Centre at Scolton Manor – Grant Application

I am pleased to report that the grant application submitted in June 2011 to Environment Wales for Phase 2 of the Pembrokeshire Beekeepers’ Centre at Scolton Manor has been successful and that the full amount requested by the PBKA has been approved.

This will enable the PBKA to progress with Phase 2 of the project, completion of the ‘Pine Tree Apiary’, initially set up as a pilot earlier this year as Phase 1 and ultimately intended to be a training apiary with secure public viewing.

Good progress is also being made in respect of Phase 3, which is the proposed conversion of part of the stable block at Scolton Manor to be utilised as a honey kitchen, public exhibition area and store. I am currently having positive discussions with the relevant parties in respect of design and costs, planning issues, potential funding streams and the practical implementation of this stage of the project. The target date for completion of Phase 3, in line with other initiatives planned by Pembrokeshire County Council for Scolton Manor, is 2013.

The final part of the project, Phase 4, which is development of a production apiary, will be considered further in due course, subject to available funding, etc.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who took the trouble to write to me supporting this project and all the volunteers who have selflessly been helping me during the season at the training apiary.

Paul Eades

Apiary Manager


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