Welsh Government Action Plan For Pollinators

pollination2The Welsh Government is launching their Pollinator Action Plan at the Royal Welsh Show.

“This plan aims to reduce, and reverse, the decline in wild and managed pollinator populations. Pollinators include bees, some wasps, butterflies, moths and hoverflies, some beetles and flies.

“Pollinators are an essential part of our environment. Honeybees are the main managed pollinator of crops and also provide a crop (honey) themselves.associationhive2

“Wild pollinators, which include bumblebees and butterflies, are also important pollinators for crops like fruit and oil seed rape, for clovers, which help to improve pastures for livestock grazing and wild flowers. They contribute to the diversity of plant species, habitats and wildlife. This provides food, makes Wales a better place for people to enjoy and visit and contributes to our economy.”

View the Draft Implementation Plan.

View the Welsh Government Action Plan webpage.