Alternative Hives with Teifiside Beekeepers’

Invitation from Quaerina Chorley – Teifiside Beekeepers

Talk and discussion, being held at Coed Y Bryn Hall (Snooker room)
Sunday the 2nd Feb 2014 14:00 to 17:00

Hi from TBKA, We have a few members who are interested in different types of hives rather than the National/Langstroth, and we will be giving an overview on different hives that are out there, so we hope it will be a great opportunity for anyone who maybe interested to come along.  Even better if they have experience of alternative hives, the more the merrier.

Discussions include:
Rose Hive (OSB), Top Bar Hives- Kenyan style, Warre, modified Nationals. 

More and more people feel called upon to engage with bees in ways more attentive and sympathetic to the intrinsic needs of the species. People’s awareness of the urgent need to adopt more bee-friendly practices is definitely growing, in beekeeping as well as horticulture and agriculture.

Whilst you absolutely need to understand about bees, their needs and lifecycles, different types of hives and keeping bees are available. They may not be suited to all beekeepers but wouldn’t it be great to find out more, to see if it’s something you would like to see and learn about.

If you would just like to find out more about of any of these hives, or have any experience please come along we would be delighted to see you.