Honey Fraud

HoneyMSN Food has an item about the top ten food frauds – one of them is HONEY (click to see item).

The item reads:

“Perhaps surprisingly, there’s a huge international network of honey launderers (sorry!). Honey is one of the most common food frauds of all, and a 2013 study found that there was more honey labelled as the expensive Manuka type in British shops than the total annual production of the variety, much of it cheaper, common-or-garden honey, mislabelled as Manuka.

Also, in 2013, German food company ALW was busted for the largest food fraud in US history, an $80 million scam to import cheap Chinese honey into America mislabelled as the produce of other countries. In a separate development, police in China’s Chongqing Hechuan district discovered a production site for fake honey last year and confiscated about 500 kilograms. “The artificial honey contained zero per cent real honey,” said a report, and was instead a mixture of water, sugar, alum powder and colouring.”

The message is clear – buy local honey from a beekeeper!  If you are in Pembrokeshire you can find some here.


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