Alarm over decline in flying insects!

A worrying Article from the BBC, highlights a serious decline in flying insects. Something that beekeepers and other interested parties have observed for some time, but new evidence now appears to confirm our fears!


One thought on “Alarm over decline in flying insects!

  1. Anyone who was a kid in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s has known this since forever. My Dad used to make clean all the bugs of the car windscreen and front bumper and the gardens and countryside used to be brimming with insects, grasshoppers, ladybirds and butterflies. It’ll all be too late soon/ Just read that only 2 adeile penguin chicks survived this year from a colony of 40,000 because the ice is spreading out more due to large glacier lumps shedding into the sea, so the poor penguins have to walk back and forth an EXTRA 100km to feed their chicks. The increased rain instead of snow leaves the chicks, who are not waterproofed to die from exposure.It is all very upsetting. Just about every species on this planet is being impacted on by us.

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