A beekeeping query from a member!

Hello Webbies,

I have a photo that I’d like some feedback on please.
It’s a photo of bees on a stores super frame in – what looks like to me – starvation mode but most of the frames in the supers have stores?

Comments anyone?


5 thoughts on “A beekeeping query from a member!

  1. John Owen Sorry to see that you have lost your bees. I would refer you to a chap called Jim Burritt at Stout university Wisconsin there is a video called on YouTube A new honey bee infection transmitted by varroa. The bees become infected and disappear out of the hive leaving a small bunch left in the hive. This often happens if you are a varroa treatment free. I am afraid it another curse of the Varroa.

  2. very small colony in isolation starvation due to the cold..
    May have gone into winter weakened by varroa or poor genes?
    wooden hive or polyhive?
    I have lost 4 colonies in similar fashion this winter – all wooden hives.
    All colonies in polyhives are fine including the nucs.

  3. Are there enough bees there when you looked in the hive, for them to have clustered in the cold weather and kept warm? We had a couple of weeks back of very cold weather, difficult to remember on a lovely Spring day today… Did they keep warm and survive? Or did they get cold because not enough bees even ‘if’ surrounded by stores? Was it cold thay got them rather than starvation?

  4. Starvation….capped / solid stores look like they will need water to dilute for feed….if weather was bad ( wind & rain / cold etc.) then perhaps they were unable to get out to forage for sufficient water ?

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