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Available sites for bee hives.

If you have a site available for hives, please contact

Looking for local honey?  We can help you find it.

After a year of caring for their bees once or twice a year honey is harvested by members of Pembrokeshire Beekeepers’ Association from their hives.

Once removed from the hive the only thing that happens to the honey before being put into jars is that it is filtered.  It is not pasteurised, heat treated or blended from various sources like most honey on supermarket shelves.

It is pure Pembrokeshire Honey.

Most beekeepers sell from their home and some also have their honey available at retail locations in the county.

Honey will vary depending upon the source of the nectar and this varies from year to year depending upon the weather and also the time of the year that the harvest is made.

This map shows the location of some of our beekeepers and retail outlets with honey for sale.  Supplies of honey are variable and quantities may run low we will keep this map up to date if a beekeeper has sold all their honey.  But please do not make a long journey without checking first with the beekeeper that they have some to sell.

View Pembrokeshire Local Honey in a full screen map.






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