The PBKA has recently extended its operations to include a new apiary at Scolton Manor as part of its project to create a Pembrokeshire Beekeepers’ Centre, which in its Pilot phase has two active hives.

The current training apiary has also expanded with eleven colonies needing regular inspection, particularly during the swarming season, which seems to have come early this Spring.

Clearly, the demands on the Apiary Manager have increased significantly compared to last year when we started with four hives – now we have thirteen!

It would be appreciated therefore, if you would consider being a volunteer to assist at some of the apiary inspections. The more volunteers we have, the more the load could be spread and you may well find the experience useful.   In due course, we would also want to further develop the use of volunteers as the Scolton Manor project takes off.

If you may be interested in being a volunteer please give the Apiary Manager, Paul Eades, a ring on 07988 037571 (daytime) or 01437 899928 (evenings) for an informal chat.

Many thanks!