Do you want to buy or sell bees or equipment?

Due to Covid-19 preventing us from running the auction this year, we thought it might be useful for PBKA members wishing to sell or buy bees or equipment, to be able to advertise on our website.

Please send the details to to include:

For sellers:

  1. Whether a full hive, a nuc, or frames of bees (and if so, how many frames)
  2. How many frames of brood
  3. When and if last inspected by the bee inspector
  4. When last treated (and with what method) for Varroa
  5. Age of queen (whether clipped and marked)
  6. Temperament
  7. Any problems (e.g. chalk brood, close to swarming, need super, etc.)
  8. Name, location and contact details
  9. A suggested donation of 5% of the sale value of bees and equipment to the PBKA, can be made via BACS transfer or cheque. Contact the above email for the PBKA bank details to make a bank transfer, or for the address to send a cheque made out to the PBKA.

For buyers:

  1. To see what is available, click on Bees for Sale
  2. What you are looking for; e.g. complete hive including bees, bees on frames or a 5/6 frame nuc with bees. [Be very clear about what you are buying, whether you have to collect or if they will be delivered (subject to COVID-19 social distancing requirements etc.). Check on the state of the frames and foundation.]
  3. Level of experience beekeeping; e.g. are you a beginner
  4. Name, location and contact details
  • Beginners are strongly encouraged to contact us for advice first at before making a purchase.
  • Potential purchasers can also contact Margaret Gill, Seasonal Bee Inspector – who is happy to inspect bees for sale prior to purchase.

Maggie can be contacted at: Telephone: 07979 119373 Email: Twitter @entomaggie

Please note that the PBKA cannot be held responsible for any transactions undertaken by buyers or sellers, which are strictly between the parties concerned.