Website Help

Using the Website:

  • News page – start here to read our news items and articles. The most recent items appear first but much information from months ago is still valid and valuable.  To help find information, each news item is tagged with one or more Categories.
  • Search by Word – you can search the website using the Search box in the top right of the News page to see news and pages containing with the word you have searched for.
  • Menus – the headings at the top of the page provide links to pages on the website.

Follow this website:

Stay up to date with news added to the website by getting messages sent to your email by clicking the ‘Send me emails’ button on the right of the News page.  Provide your email and WordPress will take care of the rest.  Your email address will not appear on the website and will not be used for anything else.

You can unfollow at any time.

Protected Information:

The member’s pages and some posts are password protected.  Members can get the current password by using the form below. The password will only be supplied to a current member and to the email address supplied on the membership application.

Please send me the members’ password


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