Low stores in hives reported!

Would members please note that reports are coming in of colonies eating up stores already provided for the winter. It is recommended therefore, that you give them a heft to ensure that they have enough stores to go through the winter and top them up if required. Whilst the bees are busy on the ivy it should not be solely relied upon to provide a sufficient quantity of liquid feed during the winter, due to its tendency to crystallize which the bees may have difficulty in accessing during the cold winter months.


Annual PBKA Honey Show – Saturday 17th September 2016

Just to remind all members that the annual PBKA Honey Show is this Saturday 17th September 2016 at the Visitor’s Centre, Scolton Manor. As you enter the main gate at Scolton, turn left and follow the road down to the Visitor’s Centre pay and display car park.

The centre will be open shortly after 9am and your entries should be available for staging by 10am to allow the judging to start promptly at 11am.

Note that the next day, Sunday 18th September, the final apiary meeting of the season will be held at the Pembrokeshire Beekeeping Centre at Scolton Manor for both beginners and improvers groups, so if you have any queries for the team or would like to share a story, please bring them along.

Please note also that you don’t have to put in an entry to come along to the Honey Show and we would be delighted to see you if you just want to have a look at the entries or fancy a chat over what is likely to be a very busy weekend!

If you have any queries in the meantime, please contact the Apiary Manager on pbkaapiarymanager@live.co.uk

Colonies short of food?

Following the poor summer and general lack of honey during the main flow, many beekeepers are reporting that their colonies are short of food.

Could we therefore suggest as a matter of urgency, that you check your colonies for stores and if necessary put on feeders of syrup? Also, remember to check your colonies are queenright and monitor/treat for Varroa as appropriate!