Interested in being a Seasonal Bee Inspector?

We (National Bee Unit) are likely to be looking for a Seasonal Bee Inspector to cover part of South West Wales. The post is seasonal (April to September) and full training will be given. Candidates will need strong practical beekeeping skills, good knowledge of bee diseases and their control, and effective communication skills. Seasonal Bee Inspector duties include:

  •    organising and conducting the inspection of honey bee colonies for disease;
  •    maintaining accurate and up-to-date apiary inspection records;
  •    forwarding samples of hive material from suspect diseased colonies to the National Bee Unit lab for diagnosis and following procedures for treating or destroying diseased colonies;
  •    contributing to the work of the NBU in general.

I would hope to be in a position to recruit in early spring and, at this stage, am keen to generate interest. Of course, the process will be subject to standard equal opportunities procedures. I can neither offer the post nor any preferential treatment to anyone. However, I am very happy to answer any questions or to receive expressions of interest in the post from potential applicants and make sure that they receive job details and an application form when they become available.

Best wishes


Frank Gellatly

Regional Bee Inspector Wales
The Food and Environment Research Agency
Sand Hutton, York, YO41 1LZ



Tel: 01558 650663
Mob: 07775 119480