COVID advice from WBKA

The Welsh Government, in partnership with DEFRA and the Scottish Government, have updated their guidance regarding beekeeping and COVID-19. As beekeepers they are asking you to be responsible and to ensure that you continue good beekeeping practices, effective stock management and health checks whilst observing the Government guidance on COVID-19. To view, or download, their latest guidance



Giant Asian Hornet

The first nest of Asian giant hornets found in the US has successfully been destroyed by scientists.

The nest, in the state of Washington, was found by putting tracker devices on the hornets and it was sucked out of a tree using a vacuum hose.

The invasive species insects, known as “murder hornets”, have a powerful sting and can spit venom.

They target honeybees, which pollinate crops, and can destroy a colony in just a matter of hours.

See the BBC News link.

Hive thefts!

We have been informed by the WBKA, of two separate incidents of hive thefts in the Carmarthen area in the last few months.  This is a reminder for beekeepers to remain vigilant about the security of their apiaries.  Also, please make sure that you do your best to check the source of any colonies that may be offered for sale in your area.  The latest theft was of two Maisemore nucs, both with an added super.  If you suspect that you have been offered either of these, please let us know and we will forward your concerns to the appropriate body.

In to Africa: Bees, Beekeeping and the Reason Why – Trisha Marlow

Join us for a webinar on Oct 29, 2020 at 7:30 PM GMT.

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An image-rich, interactive journey through some of Trisha’s experiences in Africa as a volunteer Partnership Manager with the charity Bees Abroad, and an overview of its work. Bees Abroad relieves poverty through teaching beekeeping and training in-country trainers. It works with partner NGOs wherever possible and, in doing so, usually supports community groups through to independence with their own sustainable enterprises.

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