Apiary Meeting update!

Hi All

Due to the rather dodgy weather, apiary inspections are looking unlikely today. I will be at the training apiary at 2pm however, if you fancy coming along for a question and answer session.

If the weather looks good for next Sunday, we will hold a meeting then instead for hive inspections!

Any queries, please email me at pbkaapiarymanager@live.co.uk

Best regards


Pollen Microscopy Workshop

The WBKA is running a 1-day Pollen Microscopy workshop for WBKA members in Devil’s Bridge near Aberystwyth on Sunday 22 May.  Here is the link for further information and to book:


There are 2 ticket types available – one for those who wish to use a WBKA microscope, and one for those who can bring their own compound microscope.  If you decide to enrol, please ensure that you book the correct ticket type according to whether or not you are bringing your own microscope as spare equipment won’t be available.

This is the first regional microscopy workshop to be run but the WBKS plans to run them in other locations going forward.