Webinar on Colony Nutrition

Colony Nutrition – Pete Sutcliffe

Join us for a webinar on Jan 20, 2022 at 7:30 PM GMT.

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We have a huge network of supermarkets and supply chains, but the poor honeybee relies on (apart from water) just two relatively simple natural products – nectar – a variable solution of sugars – and pollen – a very variable, sometimes poor, source of protein. Like us, they need a variety of vitamins and minerals to remain healthy. With such apparently poor beginnings, how do they manage to produce the miracle food that is Royal Jelly?

This talk takes you through the various processes involved in providing the colony with a healthy diet and looks at the lessons for the beekeeper.

Pete has kept bees for over thirty years and he and his wife keep an average of 20 colonies on various sites in the Dane Valley in Cheshire. He is a Master Beekeeper, has been a member of the BBKA Examinations Board, a BBKA Trustee, and chair of the BBKA’s Education and Husbandry Committee. He is a Correspondence Course Tutor, a Basic and General Husbandry Assessor, and has set and marked BBKA examinations.

Pete is active in Cheshire BKA – currently as Chairperson, Education Secretary and Archivist. Pre Covid he was involved in various county-wide initiatives on selective queen-rearing.

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Japanese Beekeeping

Japanese Beekeeping Webinar –
Save the date, Saturday the 15th of January 2022 at 12pm! As we’re delighted to welcome Rika ShinkaiMaximilian Spiegelberg and Christoph D.D. Rupprecht who will be joining us to discuss traditional Japanese beekeeping and the ecology of Japanese honey bees (Apis cerana japonica) compared with Western honey bees, including the plants, beekeeping history and modern practices. The discussions will conclude by showcasing recent citizen engagements in creating bee friendly cities through honey bee projects.
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