Queen Rearing


Henry Alley

Henry Alley was a pioneer in queen rearing.  A condensed version of his method can be read here on the Bush Farm’s website.

Incidentally, Alley’s book was snappily titled  “The Bee-Keeper’s Handy Book Or Twenty-Two Years’ Experience Queen-Rearing Containing The Only Scientific And Practical Method Of Rearing Queen Bees, And The Latest And Best Methods For The General Management Of The Apiary. By Henry Alley. Practical Apiarist”

D C Miller

DC Miller described his method of queen rearing in his book 50 Years Among the Bees. The Bush Farm’s excellent website has a condensed version. Click here to read it.


Kieler Mini Nuc

Modern Beekeeping sell the Kieler Mini Nuc for queen rearing and mating.  The claim is that being larger than the Apidea mini nuc it is easier to manage.

Click here to visit the Modern Beekeeping website page which has links to videos and instructions for use.

Small Scale Queen Rearing Webinar wth Roger Patterson