WBKA Skep Webinar

Joining us for our first webinar of 2023 is Chris Park, who shall be sharing the ABCs of Skep Beekeeping. Chris will be a familiar face to many, as a lot of beekeepers will have had the pleasure of meeting him at various beekeeping events or attending his skep workshops.

When not skepping, Chris can be found running Acorn Education,  www.acorneducation.com and is dedicated to integrating nature and education, by providing experiential learning for all of the senses.

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A message from Greenpeace

Please join us in asking the government to protect bees from deadly pesticide.

To make an even bigger impact, can you share the petition with friends and family?

A third of bee populations are shrinking. We must make sure the government does not approve any more bee-killing pesticides.

Every petition signature helps put pressure on the Environment Secretary, Thérèse Coffey, to act.

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Reminder – ‘Bees and Teas’ meeting this Sunday!

Just a reminder to PBKA members, that we will be having a members ‘Bees and Teas’ get together tomorrow,  Sunday 27th November, 2pm, at the big green building by the entrance to the training apiary at Scolton, just past the old steam train at the bottom of the site.

There will be a talk, a practical demonstration and an informal honey tasting session to compare different flavours from around the County, plus an open Q&A session to follow.

Free tea and coffee will be available and if you would like to bring a plate of something scrummy to share, that would be lovely.

So, if you would like to come along and bring a jar of your honey along for tasting, or if you have any questions you would like to ask, we look forward to seeing you then!

Very best regards