The Website’s Changed – What happened to the ‘Links’?

You may notice that the Links list which used to appear in a list to the right of your screen have disappeared.  Don’t worry, this information is still available but have been transferred to individual posts.  Using the Find Information About … Category filter you can search for e.g. Suppliers or Beekeeping Organisations which were previously in the Links list.  Alternatively, if you are looking for a supplier of Bee Suits you can select that Category also find a supplier that way as well as our guide to bee suits.

If you have used a particular Supplier and want to tell other people of your experience  then then please add a comment to the supplier post.  Comments must be based on your own experiences, be factually correct and/or represent your honestly held views.  Comments are moderated and those which break the rules will not be published.

You may also notice that a Search feature has been added which allows you to type a keyword – e.g. Swarm and find any post which contains that word.

Hope you find these changes useful.


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