Ambrosia Bee Food

With white granulated sugar becoming more expensive, many beekeepers are turning to specialist alternatives with Ambrosia Bee Food being very popular.  The product is specially formulated for bees by its manufacturers in Germany, the sugar used comes from sugar beet apparently but which has been processed using enzymes to produce a feed which is very close to nectar, will not ferment or otherwise degrade and is highly acceptable to the bees.

Unlike many products sold for bees this one seems to work.  Ricky Wilson uses it in his queen rearing colonies and reports good results with rapid colony buid up.  He is also planning to obtain a bulk supply for sale, in smaller quantities, to members – will let you know more about this when we have details. Frank Gellatly also reported good results when we were discussing this after our AGM.

You can read more about the product in this helpful brochure from the manufacturer.