MAQS and Invertbee Syrup order – Closing date Friday 7th August

We will shortly be ordering MAQS strips for the autumn Varroa treatment and Invertbee syrup for the winter feed.

If any PBKA members are interested in purchasing MAQS strips and/or Invertbee syrup through the association, please contact Paul Eades, the Apiary Manager on by Friday 7th August at the very latest.

Please note that this offer is strictly open to PBKA members only.


One thought on “MAQS and Invertbee Syrup order – Closing date Friday 7th August

  1. Both Paul and I used Maqs strips last year on both our own and the Association colonies. The results were in some cases dramatic with regard to the Mite fall and the process is clearly effective. These strips have additional benefits as they can be used with honey supers on and are less temperature dependent than other more traditional treatments.
    At the same time, they are expensive if one has to buy a box of ten treatments, hence the offer to buy in bulk and provide only the number of treatments required.
    It is also worth noting that whilst we had no problems with Queens [other than going off the lay for two or three days], there were reports from others of bees ‘balling’ the Queen during treatment. I think that as long as one follows the instructions then there is little risk of issues in this regard. It would be wise to treat colonies when there are still sufficient Drones around to mate a new Queen should the need arise, ie, don’t leave it too late before treating.
    With regard to Invertbee, it is just a very convenient way of feeding bees without having to mix your own feed.It is also partially inverted and therefore easier for the bees to convert..
    I would just stress the need to order and pay for either or both offers as soon as possible.

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