Fire Risk Warning!

Please note that the hot and dry conditions are likely to continue until at least the beginning of next week.

Therefore, please be careful if you are working your hives, especially with your smokers, and ensure that you do not drop any sparks or embers as there will be a heightened fire risk due to the dry vegetation!ย  We suggest you carry water etc. for damping down.

Also, ensure you have water for yourself to keep well hydrated and watch you don’t catch the sun or get overheated! Wear a hat to keep the sun off your head and loose clothing to let the air circulate, especially under a beesuit!

And don’t forget to check that your bees have access to water, they need it too!๐Ÿ

Wasps Alert

Wasps are starting to make an appearance around the hives.

To keep the pesky invaders out:

Reduce the entrance size of the hive, probably opened fully during the recent hot weather, to give the bees a smaller area to defend.

Put out wasp traps, wasp trap (Mobile)these can be bought or easily made with a jam jar with a hole made in the lid or from a plastic drinks bottle as shown. Jam attracts wasps, but not bees.  Do not use honey in the bait of course.

Be tidy, keep rubbish away from the apiary which could attract wasps and other pests!


Bee Health/Safari Day feedback

Would all PBKA members who attended the Bee Health/Safari on Saturday 16th July, please fill in a feedback form โ€“ they only take a couple of minutes and it will help the National Bee Unit to justify more events like this in the future. Here is the link to the form.

Also the NBU has just (this week) made ‘live’, a video animation demonstrating the work of the NBU and encouraging people to register on BeeBase โ€“ click here

Note that all beekeepers have a duty to keep healthy, disease free bees and the PBKA strongly recommends that all beekeepers sign up toย Beebaseย in order to ensure that they receive any warnings and can obtain advice etc. in the event of a disease outbreak.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the National Bee Unit and their team, for a very interesting and most enjoyable course. ๐Ÿ