PBKA on BBC Wales Today at 6.30pm

Following a spate of bee thefts in North Wales; Vice Chairman of the PBKA, Paul Eades, was asked by the BBC to give an interview about the problem.

This can be seen this evening on BBC Wales, on the ‘Wales Today’ TV news programme at 6.30pm.

3 thoughts on “PBKA on BBC Wales Today at 6.30pm

  1. Hi Paul x thank you for your support it’s been a nightmare and I can’t wake up from it x my number is 07725645899. Warmest Regards Katie Hayward Felinhoneybees x

    • Hi Katie. I was horrified to hear of your losses. Some people will do anything for a few pounds! I will give you a call tomorrow for a chat if you are available? Very best regards, Paul

  2. Hi Paul, saw your piece about bee thefts, good reason to raise awareness about security. Maybe there have been high losses this year to fuel a demand. Pity they are raiding a teaching facility. Al

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