Beeswax wanted!

We have been approached by a local school which is trying to get a project off the ground to make Beeswax wraps with primary school children, to teach them about the benefits of natural ingredients and to reduce single-use plastic.

If anyone has any beeswax available (they are looking for 2.5kg if possible) please advise us and we will pass on the school contact details to you.

Many thanks.

Colony of bees in need of some TLC!

A lady in Tenby has a colony of bees in her garden which need some urgent management, as she is not a beekeeper herself, but would still like to keep them there. Honey etc produced would belong to the beekeeper. Also, an opportunity for an additional hive to be added if wanted. Would anyone who is interested, please contact us on this webpage in the first instance for further details!

Starvation and Foulbrood warning!

The BBKA has issued a warning to beekeepers to check their bees for starvation and European Foulbrood during this cold snap.

Emergency feeding may be needed. It would be advisable to check the food levels by opening the hive and making a very quick observation of their store levels.

It is also important to check that hives have small entrances as Foulbrood is about in some areas and small colonies or those suffering disease may not be able to defend themselves from infected intruders if they have a large opening to defend.