PBKA membership update

Would PBKA members who have paid the subscription by cheque, please note that some of them have not been banked yet due to the lockdown. Please note however, that this does not affect your membership in any way and the cheques will be banked at the earliest opportunity.

Introduction to beekeeping video – Episode 1

Introducing a new service for the members of the Pembrokeshire Beekeepers’ Association, and others who are starting out on their beekeeping journey.

Presented by Jeremy Percy, Training Officer and Chairman of the Association, these short videos, which will be produced on a regular basis, are designed to provide a simple introduction to Beekeeping. They are not meant to be all encompassing and should not be considered an alternative to practical learning.

They are based loosely on the PBKA training sessions that would normally be taking place at the Association’s training apiary, if it were not for the current Coronavirus situation.

We hope you find them helpful.

Click on the link for Episode 1

Reminder – Starvation Risk

Just to remind beekeepers everywhere to check their bees for stores (especially nucs), as we are coming into a high risk time for starvation, as the queen gets into gear and the remaining winter stores are used up. So give your hives a heft and if needed, give them some fondant or candy (not liquid feed!).

If you require fondant, it is available for PBKA members only at £1.50/kg pack, or £18 a box of 12), from the PBKA Chairman, Jeremy Percy. You can contact him on 07799 698568.


Overdue – PBKA Annual Membership 2020

Just to remind you that PBKA membership fees for 2020 are now overdue.

It is important to note that your Bee Disease Insurance (BDI) comes into force 40 days after payment, so to ensure continuity of cover, as well as to access PBKA activities, please complete the PBKA Membership Application Form 2020 and return to the Membership Secretary, together with your remittance, as soon as possible.



Just to remind all PBKA members that the Annual General Meeting is today, Wednesday 22nd January, at Haverfordwest Cricket Club, to commence promptly at 7.30pm.

Please see the AGM Notice and Agenda 2020, PBKA Minutes 2019 plus the new PBKA Membership Application Form 2020.

We hope to see as many PBKA members (and any potential new members) as possible attend and look forward to seeing you there.