Results of Pembrokeshire Beekeepers’ Association 2017 Honey Show

Judges: Ricky and Joyce Wilson

Class Results
Light Honey 1st – Alan Johnson (plus, Best Honey in Show)

2nd – Rob Gilbertson

3rd – David Thomas

Medium Honey 1st – Rob Gilbertson
Granulated Honey 1st – David Thomas

2nd – Peter Dent

3rd – Brighid Southwell

Creamed Honey 1st – Paul Eades
Novice Class 1st – Rob Gilbertson

2nd – Stefan Thomas

3rd – Brighid Southwell

Frame of honey 1st – Paul Eades (plus, Best Exhibit in Show)
Bottle of Dry Mead 1st – Paul Eades
Bottle of Sweet Mead 1st – Jeremy Percy

2nd – Paul Eades

Bottle of Flavoured Mead 1st – Jeremy Percy
Beeswax Plain 1st – Lesley Lewis

2nd – Peter Dent

Beeswax Fancy 1st – Lesley Lewis

2nd – Alyson Newis-Edwards

3rd – Alyson Newis-Edwards

Moulded wax blocks 1st – Lesley Lewis

2nd – Diane Corbett

3rd – Jeremy Percy

Beeswax Candles 1st – Peter Dent

2nd – Jeremy Percy

3rd – Lesley Lewis

Photograph related to Beekeeping 1st – Rob Gilbertson

2nd – Rob Gilbertson

Beekeeping equipment made by the exhibitor 1st – Peter Dent

2nd – David Thomas

Honey Cake 1st – Diane Corbett

2nd – Barbara Pegg

3rd – Brighid Southwell

Any other confection or bakery containing honey 1st – Lesley Lewis

2nd – Jeremy Percy

3rd – Barbara Pegg



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