Talk on Honey Fraud

Description: Online Honey Fraud Talk
There will be an online talk on Wednesday, 6th of January at 7.30pm investigating Honey Fraud courtesy of Professor Norberto Garcia, from Argentina. To register please visit
Prof. García teaches Apiculture at the Universidad Nacional Del Sur in Bahía Blanca, Argentina. He is a former professional beekeeper and private technical consultant to beekeepers in Argentina. At present he is a Senior Consultant of Nexco S.A., the main Argentine honey exporter; President of the International Honey Exporters Organization (IHEO); President of the Apimondia Scientific Commission of Beekeeping Economy; Member of the Board of Directors of True Source Honey (U.S.A); and Chairman of the Apimondia Working Group on Adulteration of Bee Products. Prof. García has worked intensely during recent years to create awareness on the problem of honey adulteration.

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