Nosema Testing Workshop April 15 2012

Nosema can build up in overwintering colonies and to cause early death of bees.

Members are reminded to bring along a sample of bees from each hive to the Picton Community Centre, Haverfordwest on Sunday April 15th between 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm to test them for nosema.  The Association’s new microscopes will be on display and the high powered one will be used for testing.

Click here to find out how to collect the sample.

To find out more about nosema click here to visit the Beebase website (but note that Fumidil B is no longer the recommended treatment although it can be used if you are able to obtain, or have, a supply).  The Vita website also has a page on nosema, Vita Feed Gold has, in trials, been shown to helpful in reducing nosema spore levels.