Apiary meeting for beginners at Scolton Manor – Sunday 6th May 2012

Please be advised that the first apiary meeting at Scolton Manor for beginners (who are also PBKA members), will be commencing at 2pm on Sunday 6th May. Note that parking will be available behind the garden wall and the access to it is as follows. After entering the Scolton Manor site, drive up past Scolton Manor House and take the right hand fork, pass the turning to the apiary on the left and then go through the gateway on the left. Park in the area in front of the large shed and please ensure that you park sensibly in order to leave room for others.

If the weather should take a turn for the worse, or you have any queries in the meantime, please contact me on 07988 037571.

NB. Please be sure to bring your beesuit if you have one (some suits are available for those without) together with suitable gloves (e.g. a pair of Marigolds) and wear suitable high ankled footwear such as wellingtons to protect your ankles (Not Crocs!!).

Note that persons with known severe allergic reactions to bee stings must advise the beekeeper in charge on the day and may not be allowed to enter the apiary area.   Please note also that pets, and children who are not actively participating, are not permitted.

Paul Eades

Apiary Manager


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