Keeping Medicine Records

Honey bees are currently defined as a food producing species and current legislation requires that you keep a record of the purchase, use and disposal of any honeybee medicines.

Owners or keepers of food-producing animals intended for the food chain, must keep specific records:

  • at the time of purchase;
  • at the time of administration to the animal;
  • and if the product is disposed of, other than by treating an animal

There is further detailed guidance on the requirements on the Veterinary Medicines Directorate website. Please see Veterinary Medicine Guidance Note number 14.

The National Bee Unit have also produced a Fact Sheet entitled Bee Medicaments (Number 44).  In the document there is an example of a veterinary medicines record sheet which meets all record keeping requirements laid down in the Veterinary Medicines Regulations which you can copy and use. You may wish to incorporate it into your apiary records. Make sure you record all the mandatory requirements listed and that you keep them for at least five years.