Neonicotinoids Pose Danger to Bees Concludes EFSA

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), an independent body, released its report into the effects of neonicotinoid pesticides on bee health on Wednesday (16 January).

The report concluded that:

  • Exposure from pollen and nectar. Only uses on crops not attractive to honey bees were considered acceptable.
  • Exposure from dust. A risk to honeybees was indicated or could not be excluded, with some exceptions, such as use on sugarbeet and crops planted in glasshouses, and for the use of some granules.
  • Exposure from guttation. The only risk assessment that could be completed was for maize treated with thiamethoxam. In this case, field studies show an acute effect on honeybees exposed to the substance through guttation fluid.

Read press release on EFSA website.

A separate report released earlier this week warned that up to £630m could be lost from the UK economy each year if neonicotinoids are withdrawn.

The study, independently commissioned by EU’s Humboldt Forum for Food and Agriculture (HFFA) was financed by Syngenta and Bayer CropScience,