Urgent message from the WBKA

This changeable weather can be very harmful to our bees, with some Bee Inspectors already reporting low levels of stores. It is the responsibility of the beekeeper to ensure that they have sufficient stores to see them through until better conditions allow them to forage in earnest again.

We need to establish the level of stores within the hive* and if necessary supplement them by feeding syrup** and /or pollen.

Please, do not allow colonies to dwindle or perish, when we can do something to stop it.

John Page
General Secretary
Welsh Beekeepers’ Association


Footnote from Pembrokeshire Beekeeper

* Do not let the level of stores fall below about 5 kg. To help with estimating, a BS deep frame full on both sides holds about 2 kg of stores – but of course stores will be spread across several frames.

** A “weak” syrup mixture should be fed 1:1 by weight is a good compromise and easy to remember.

Best Practice Downloads from Beebase which may be helpful: