National Bee Unit’s Disease and Comb Workshop

Carmarthenshire Beekeepers’ Association (CBKA) is one of the associations hosting the National Bee Unit’s Disease and Comb workshops this season. We have received an invitation from the CBKA for PBKA members to come along to their venue and take part in the workshop.

The workshops will give detailed insights on the notifiable diseases, American Foul Brood and European Foul Brood, as well as looking at the overall disease situation in Wales and updated approaches to its control. Beekeepers will learn about other pests and diseases, in particular Varroa and its associated viruses, that can pose a risk to their colonies.

The Inspectors are licensed to bring with them examples of diseased comb. Participants will have the chance to examine these live examples of disease and put their learning into practice, on the day.

Date: Saturday 27th June

Venue: Newchurch Community Hall, SA33 6AF

Time: 2 to 5 pm

There is plenty of parking, no charge for the workshop and refreshments will be provided.

Please advise the PBKA secretary, Lesley Williams asap, if you wish to attend in order that we can advise the CBKA of numbers.


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