Introduction to beekeeping video – Episode 1

Introducing a new service for the members of the Pembrokeshire Beekeepers’ Association, and others who are starting out on their beekeeping journey.

Presented by Jeremy Percy, Training Officer and Chairman of the Association, these short videos, which will be produced on a regular basis, are designed to provide a simple introduction to Beekeeping. They are not meant to be all encompassing and should not be considered an alternative to practical learning.

They are based loosely on the PBKA training sessions that would normally be taking place at the Association’s training apiary, if it were not for the current Coronavirus situation.

We hope you find them helpful.

Click on the link for Episode 1


2 thoughts on “Introduction to beekeeping video – Episode 1

  1. Hi Jeremy.
    That is a great video.
    I have a couple of points….
    If you wear reading glasses to see things up close you may want to put them on before checking the bees. My eye sight is not as good as it was and I keep forgetting my glasses. You can’t put them on with a veil on, and then I struggle to see eggs down in the cells.

    Another point is that the new plastic bee brush we got from one of the well known suppliers is terrible. It’s bristles are far too stiff for the bees. We got a couple of second hand old natural brushes. We sunk them in boiling water to sterilise them. Those old brushes are nice and soft. Cheers. Rob

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