Beginners Beekeeping Training

Keeping bees is something that should only be undertaken after appropriate training, both theoretical and practical. With Covid restrictions likely to be relaxed over the next few months, it is to be hoped that some of our bee keeping training activities will be able to resume, subject to the situation prevailing at the time. We intend focusing initially on providing training for beginners, both classroom and practical.

It would be helpful for planning purposes therefore, if those of you who may be interested in taking up the craft, could contact us if you would like to attend a ‘one day’ classroom session. This is open to both members and non-PBKA members who reside in Pembrokeshire. If you are, please complete the form below. Details and cost to follow in due course.

Please note that the practical apiary sessions, when available, are free, but open to PBKA members only. If you wish to join the association in order to attend these, please click


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