WBKA Spring Convention 26th March 2022

‘ Dear Fellow Beekeeper,
2022 has started and your thoughts start turning to what this season will bring. Why not attend the WBKA Spring Convention in person this year (26th March)? With our larger venue at the RWAS showground you are bound to find something of interest. After our enforced break we are back with two workshops, one aimed at newer beekeepers and one on Queen rearing for the more experienced. To find out more and book your place contact me on the email below.
Below is the speaker program:
9.45 -10.15 Opening address, Kathleen Carroll
10.15-11.15 Diversity of Pollinators in Britain, Liam Olds
11.45-12.45 The Truth about Honey, Lynne Ingram
1.45-2.45 In Self-defence, Celia Davis
3.30- 4.00 Any Questions
To get your cheaper earlybird tickets go online . https://wbka.sumup.link/
However for two hours of your time you could get in for free. Stewards are required to make sure that this event runs smoothly. If you would be prepared to join this group of volunteers send me an email stating when you could steward ie early/ mid/late. Stewarding starts at 8am and goes on until 4.30pm.
Jill Wheeler
WBKA Chair (pro tem)


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