Potential starvation risk!

Just to remind all beekeepers that the June gap can still happen and inclement weather, combined with large growing colonies and little or no available forage, can quickly result in a shortage of stores.

So be sure to check that your bees have enough food, especially if you have taken off any spring honey. Note that if you add extra frames of sealed stores you should keep them in the brood boxes, so as to avoid getting them mixed up in the honey supers. Also, if you have to feed directly, use a light syrup (i.e. 1:1 sugar/water ratio) with any honey supers taken off during the feeding process.


One thought on “Potential starvation risk!

  1. I have also written and spoken to the environment officer in Pembrokeshire about cutting the hedgerows before the flowers have finished and set seed. In fact the flowers seem to be over early this year but last year the verges were cut while in full flower – heartbreaking. The more beekeepers who contact them and reference the ‘June gap’ the better. The address to write to is ‘enquiries@pembrokeshire.gov.uk’ and make the subject ‘attn. area maintenance, verge cutting’.


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