New Training Apiary Completed / Gwenynfa Hyfforddi Newydd wedi’i Chwblhau

We are delighted to report that the new training apiary is ready for use and we hope to start training sessions, (to include both beginners and improvers), on Sunday 8th May,  further details to follow in due course!

Many thanks to PBKA member Anthony Jenner, for his invaluable assistance in moving the hives to their new home and for the use of his trailer, it was very much appreciated.

So pencil in Sunday 8th May into your diary and look out for further updates!


Mae’n bleser gennym adrodd bod y wenynfa hyfforddi newydd yn barod i’w ddefnyddio a’n gobaith yw dechrau sesiynau hyfforddi, (i gynnwys dechreuwyr a rhai sy’n gwella), ddydd Sul 8fed Mai, manylion pellach i ddilyn maes o law!

Diolch yn fawr i aelod PBKA, Anthony Jenner, am ei gymorth amhrisiadwy wrth symud y cychod gwenyn i’w cartref newydd ac am ddefnyddio ei drelar, fe’i gwerthfawrogwyd yn fawr! Felly rhowch dydd Sul 8fed Mai i mewn i’ch dyddiadur a chadwch olwg am ddiweddariadau pellach!


3 thoughts on “New Training Apiary Completed / Gwenynfa Hyfforddi Newydd wedi’i Chwblhau

  1. Oh fabulous, I’ve been waiting so long for this practical, unfortunately away that Sunday 😩. Are you planning any more please.
    (Yes, we plan on running them every fortnight, further details to be announced, regards, Paul)

  2. Fantastic job and congratulations to the PBKA once again! We love the Pembrokeshire Beekeeping Centre, and this is going to be a great additional resource for training. You are streets ahead of other beekeeping associations when it comes to getting things done!

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