Last WBKA Winter Webinar 5th April

Please see below the invitation for WBKA members to register to attend the next Scottish Beekeepers’ webinar on Wednesday 5th April.

We are looking forward to welcoming back Professor Jürgen Tautz as the final guest lecture of our winter webinar series. Prof Tautz will be joining us online on Wednesday the 5th of April to talk about the nest of the honey bee.
Prof Tautz is a behavioural scientist, socio-biologist and bee expert. He is Professor of the Biocentre at the Julius-Maximilians-University in Würzburg, Germany and founder and chair of its BEE research group. He is also the author of several popular science books on bees and holder of the Communicator Award of the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft – German Research Foundation).

To book your free place please click on the link below



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