Colonies of Bees for sale!

Several nucs for sale on 6 National frames

Local bees in overwintered nucs for sale. Available from the third week April/ first week May and will be a minimum of 3/4 frames of eggs/ brood with 1-2 frames of stores. Should be ready to move into a full hive asap. Headed by a 2022 queen. Treated for Varroa with Apivar in Aug/ Sept and Oxalic acid in December. £160 each. Discount if more than one is required. Supplied in correx travel/ nuc box. Price includes £10 refundable deposit for box.

Full colonies of overwintered bees for sale on 11 National frames. 

Ready from last week April/ beginning May. Local bees on frames only or can be bought as the complete hive including hardware. Headed by a 2022 bred queen. Treated for Varroa with Apivar in Aug/ Sept and Oxalic Acid in December. On Frames only, £200: including hive, £POA.

Collection, or can deliver locally within 10-15′ ish miles of Haverfordwest for cost of fuel.

For further details/  enquiries contact David Moore at or 07817 433808


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