Webinar on feeding bees – 25th August

Feeding Bees – Wally Shaw

Join us for a webinar on Aug 25, 2022 at 7:30 PM BST.

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Our webinar series resumes with a timely session from the WBKA Technical Officer, who will guide you through the process of feeding your bees to ensure they have sufficient reserves going into winter, as well as discussing feeding more widely. It is particularly important to ensure that the bees have adequate reserves after you remove honey supers.
Wally is well known, within and beyond Wales, for his practical advice based on what he and his wife Jenny have learned over 34 years of keeping bees on Anglesey. His series of WBKA booklets, which includes one specifically on the topic of feeding, are invaluable to many of us.
We hope you will be able to join us for what should be an informative session on a very topical issue.

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Fire Risk Warning!

Please note that the hot and dry conditions are likely to continue until at least the beginning of next week.

Therefore, please be careful if you are working your hives, especially with your smokers, and ensure that you do not drop any sparks or embers as there will be a heightened fire risk due to the dry vegetation!  We suggest you carry water etc. for damping down.

Also, ensure you have water for yourself to keep well hydrated and watch you don’t catch the sun or get overheated! Wear a hat to keep the sun off your head and loose clothing to let the air circulate, especially under a beesuit!

And don’t forget to check that your bees have access to water, they need it too!🐝

Successful Pembrokeshire Bee Health Day/Bee Safari held on Saturday 16th July

We would like to extend our grateful thanks to the Bee Inspectors from the National Bee Unit, who presented an excellent ‘Bee Health Safari’ for Pembrokeshire Beekeepers’ Association, at Scolton Manor, on Saturday 16th July.

The ‘Bee Health Safari’ included the Bee Inspectors giving practical demonstrations to attendees on how to perform a health inspection and spot any possible problems using colonies of bees at the association’s training apiary.

The inspectors were also on hand to offer expert advice, presenting information and displays on exotic pests and general bee health.

Many thanks also to the PBKA members who came along demonstrating such enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, with a barrage of questions….many of whom also turned up at the honey extracting demonstration the following day…….

Now that’s what we call dedication!!