Colony of bees in need of some TLC!

A lady in Tenby has a colony of bees in her garden which need some urgent management, as she is not a beekeeper herself, but would still like to keep them there. Honey etc produced would belong to the beekeeper. Also, an opportunity for an additional hive to be added if wanted. Would anyone who is interested, please contact us on this webpage in the first instance for further details!

Offer of a site

MessageĀ from Dr Roger Burns – After injury, I have stopped beekeeping at Camrose. I will continue to care for the wild flower Meadow. I have one PBKA member who is going to place a couple of hives there, but he agrees that there are 3 other locations on the field that can take beehives

So if any members are looking for a site, please let me know. It also offers the opportunity to work together. Anyone taking up the opportunity can join my WhatsApp group, or Tel: 01437 767102