WBKA webinar Feb 12, 2021 at 7:30 PM – National Bee Improvement Programme

The WBKA is delighted to host this webinar on The National Bee Improvement Programme. This has been set up by BIBBA to help reduce imports of bees into Britain and Ireland and to improve the quality of our native and local bees. BIBBA President Jo Widdicombe, will explain the origins of the programme, how it will work, and how beekeepers can get actively involved.

Born in Newtown, Powys, Jo grew up in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire before moving back to Wales and then to Cornwall where he has lived for over 40 years. He worked in agriculture (organic vegetable production and dairy) before returning to studies, graduating from Plymouth Polytechnic with a B.Sc.(Hons) in Environmental Science.

Jo has been a beekeeper for nearly 40 years and currently runs about 150 hives with the help of two assistants.

He was Secretary of Cornwall BKA for 9 years, Chair of the Southwest Group of the Bee Farmers Association for 2 years, and worked as a Seasonal Bee Inspector for 5 years.

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Webinar – Global Perspectives on Bees and Beekeeping – Wednesday 3rd February @ 7.30pm

Please see details below for the next webinar hosted by the ‘Scottish Beekeepers Association’, on Wednesday 3rd February. 

The speaker is Dr. Jeff Pettis, Research Scientist & Consultant, Pettis and Associates LLC, who will be discussing ‘Global Perspectives on Bees and Beekeeping’.
As former research leader of the USDA-ARS Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, MD and now an independent consultant, Dr. Pettis has focused on improving colony health by limiting the impact of pests, diseases and pesticides on honey bees. His research areas include: IPM techniques to reduce the impacts of parasitic mites and disease, effects of pesticides, pathogens, and temperature on queen health and longevity, host-parasite relationships and bee behaviour. Dr. Pettis is the current President of Apimondia, the International Federation of Beekeeper’s Associations and serves on several international committees including the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). With more than 35 years of research experience conducted in more than 15 countries; he is frequently interviewed by the media for his opinions on worldwide pollinator declines and honey bee health. Dr. Pettis received undergraduate and MS degrees in Entomology from the University of Georgia and his doctoral degree in Entomology from Texas A&M University in 1992. 

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Spoon Butter and Other Things to do with Beeswax – Pauline Aslin

Join us for a webinar on Nov 19, 2020 at 7:30 PM GMT.

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When you mention ‘beekeeping’ people think of honey and the bees and maybe, after publicity in recent years, pollination, but you very rarely find someone, other than the odd wood-turner perhaps, who immediately thinks of beeswax.

Yet, if you keep bees you will inevitably acquire some beeswax. When we started beekeeping, within 2 years we had a 30lb honey bucket full of bits of brace-comb and frame scrapings, and then we had another bucket full of cappings, dripping with honey and some starting to ferment. What to do? We knew beeswax was precious but had no idea how to process and use it.

What we hope to do this evening is encourage those of you that have never cleaned up your beeswax scrapings, to have a go. And to give you all some ideas of things you can do with your beeswax for your own use, or to make wonderful gifts.

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WBKA webinar on swarming

Dear Beekeepers
The WBKA will be holding a webinar about Swarming on Tuesday 9th June 2020 at 7pm.  Wally Shaw will give a presentation about dealing with a colony that has set up to swarm lasting about 45 mins.  After that talk there will be an opportunity for those attending the webinar to ask questions to both Wally and others.
To join the webinar you need to register beforehand using the link  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3389482494474714637
You will need to give your name and email address and you will then be sent an automatic email from the organiser, Caroline Mullinex which contains a link for you to use to join the meeting at the appropriate time.  You can send in your questions either before or during the session.
This webinar session is open for anyone to attend and so we would appreciate it if you would circulate this email to as many beekeepers as you can.  We have also put the details on the Welsh Beekeepers’ Association Facebook page