Successful Pembrokeshire Bee Health Day/Bee Safari held on Saturday 16th July

We would like to extend our grateful thanks to the Bee Inspectors from the National Bee Unit, who presented an excellent ‘Bee Health Safari’ for Pembrokeshire Beekeepers’ Association, at Scolton Manor, on Saturday 16th July.

The ‘Bee Health Safari’ included the Bee Inspectors giving practical demonstrations to attendees on how to perform a health inspection and spot any possible problems using colonies of bees at the association’s training apiary.

The inspectors were also on hand to offer expert advice, presenting information and displays on exotic pests and general bee health.

Many thanks also to the PBKA members who came along demonstrating such enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, with a barrage of questions….many of whom also turned up at the honey extracting demonstration the following day…….

Now that’s what we call dedication!!

UPDATE – Hive Inspections at Scolton

Many thanks to all those enthusiastic beekeepers who turned up yesterday to help inspect the hives. A very useful session and I think it fair to say that we all learned something new!




Hi All

I will be inspecting the hives at the Woodland Training Apiary,  Scolton, tomorrow (Saturday) if any PBKA members fancy coming along to help.

Start time at 12 noon, should take about an hour or so.

Best regards, Paul