The PBKA Honey Show – a chance to shine?!

The Association has run the annual honey show for many years, but it is true to say that it has not attracted much interest from the wider public in the past.
This year is hopefully going to be different. We celebrate the centenary of the Association and the Committee has recognized the need to engage more effectively with Pembrokeshire folk, to promote the protection of bees in general and honey bees in particular.
This is where you, as PBKA members, come in. [Ask not what your Association can do for you but what you can do for your Association – I’m sure that sounds familiar?!].
You will have seen the Show Schedule on the website and there are plenty of sections for you to enter. Whilst we have not put it on the Schedule for this year, there is the late addition of an additional Cup on offer for the person accruing the highest number of points overall!
For those of you new to exhibiting, just make sure that your entries are clean, so no bits of wax or specks of dirt [or bits of bee], jars are filled to the mark [1lb but not overfilled – have you noticed that continuous line around a 1lb jar below the screw threads?], take spare lids in case honey has splashed onto the underneath during transit, no granulation starting and just go for it.
There is also another new Award, the Bad Beekeeping Cup for those beekeepers who have made something of a blooper in their beekeeping activities – and are prepared to admit it! All it takes, apart from courage, is for you to jot your “mistake” down on a slip of paper and pop it into the Bad Beekeeper box at the show or e mail it to
This show is the chance for the Association to really raise the profile of, and the need to protect and support, insect life in Pembrokeshire, but the Committee cannot do it alone.
An attraction at the show, apart from goody bags, a quiz and so on will be the chance for the public to taste honey from around the County, and vote for their favourite. PLEASE would members consider providing a jar of their honey [it has after all been a good year!] so that we have a wide range of honeys for this initiative. You can drop a jar into The Georges, at any time [closed Sunday / Monday] or on the day of the show. And don’t forget to label it please!
Apart from the public, it is also a good opportunity for a social gathering of members, so please do come along [the bar is open] to meet your fellow beekeepers even if you are not exhibiting, to look at the entries and catch up on everyone’s season.
Your support for the show, and your company will be very much appreciated and I genuinely look forward to seeing many of you there.
Chairman PBKA

PBKA Centenary Honey Show 2019 schedule

At ‘The George’s’, 24 Market St, Haverfordwest SA61 1NH

Sunday 27 October 2019, from 10am

  • Judges: To be confirmed
  • Certificates will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each Class. Cups are awarded as indicated.
  • All honey to be exhibited in unmarked 1 lb / 454 gm squat jars with plain lids.
  • Open for entries between 10am and 11am, to allow judging to start promptly at 12noon.
  • The Honey Show will be open to the Public between 2pm and 4pm.
  • All entries, except for 22. A4 Poster, are for PBKA members ONLY!

N.B. Entries only to be collected after 4pm at the end of the Honey Show 

  Class Cup
1. Light Honey – 2 jars Steel and Brodie Cup
2. Medium Honey – 2 jars Tom Pegg Cup
3. Dark Honey – 2 jars  
4. Granulated Honey – 2 jars Tavernspite Cup
5. Creamed Honey – 2 jars  
6. Chunk Honey – 2 jars  
7. Composite Class – 1 jar each of Light, Medium and Granulated Honey A J Davies Shield
8. Novice* Class – 2 jars of runny honey Novice Cup
9. 1 frame of honey suitable for extraction Ian Richards Cup
10. 2 cut combs minimum weight 6oz / 170g each  
11. 1 Bottle of Dry Mead D.S. Engraving Cup
12. 1 Bottle of Sweet Mead Sweet Mead Cup
13. 1 Bottle of Flavoured Mead  
14. Beeswax Plain 8oz / 225g minimum  
15. Beeswax Fancy 8oz / 225g minimum Taylor Shield for Beeswax
16. 5 x 1oz (approx.) moulded wax blocks  
17. Three Beeswax Candles to be displayed erect, the Judge to light one  
18. Photograph related to Beekeeping  
19. Interesting or ingenious piece of beekeeping equipment made by the exhibitor  
20. Honey Cake to be made to the recipe below Honey Cake Cup
21. Any other confection or bakery containing honey – entry must include a list of ingredients  
22 A4 Poster – subject ‘100 years of Beekeeping in Pembrokeshire’. N.B. Open to all children age 11 or under, whether members or not  
23. Best Honey in Show Manor House Shield
24. Best Exhibit in Show Frank Matthews Cup
*Novice means that the entrant has not previously won a first in any honey class

Honey Cake recipe:


227g / 8oz self-raising flour

115g / 4oz butter/margarine or mixed

115g / 4oz currants

57g / 2oz mixed peel

2 large eggs

115g / 4oz sultanas

227g / 8oz Welsh honey

Pinch of salt 


Preheat oven to 160° C., Gas 3 or 325° F. Adjust for fan oven. Cream butter and honey. Beat eggs well and add them alternatively with the sifted flour but save a little flour to add with the fruit. Beat all together lightly. A little milk may be added (up to 3 tbl spoons if necessary. Fold in the fruit and stir well. Bake in a well-buttered 18cm / 7inch round cake tin for approx. 1-1 1/4 hrs or until just firm to touch.

Queries to:

Asian Hornet alert!

Asian Hornet
We have received a request from the National Bee Unit to ask everyone to keep an eye open for the Asian Hornet.
A nest was recently found near Tamworth, and it’s around this time of year that people start seeing the workers. It has been found that they don’t hawk outside hives that often and the best place to see them is on ivy flowers or fallen fruit. If you could please spend 20 minutes/ half an hour looking at a nice sunny patch of ivy it would be very helpful. If you do see anything, then please let us know so we can advise the Bee Inspector.  A photo / sample would also help greatly with positive identification.


Honey Kitchen’s ‘5 Star’ rating!

As the highest rating that can be achieved, this demonstrates outstanding food hygiene standards and the determination of the PBKA to maintain the Honey Kitchen as a centre of excellence!

5 Star rating

‘PBKA Centenary’ clothing

Now don’t just ‘bee’ the part, look the part with the ‘PBKA Centenary’ logo!
The Association has teamed up with one of our members who operates ‘T’s R Us’ to provide members with clothing that carries the PBKA Centenary logo. You can even purchase an embroidered badge and they will sew it on to your beesuit.
Simply call in to any of the ‘T’s R Us’ outlets at Prendergast, Haverfordwest, Rumbleway Service Station, Lake Drive, New Hedges, Tenby or Laws Street, Pembroke Dock, mention that you are a member of the PBKA [non-members can also purchase clothing and logo of course!] to choose from a vast range of quality clothing that ‘T’s R Us’ will then embroider with the logo.
Prices: ITEM RRP
POLO MEN £17.00
FLEECES £25.00
GILET £25.00

HOODY £20.00
HOODY £22.00

And just to make your day complete and to see just how attractive the logo is, your Committee has braved the camera to show you:


BBC report on the concern over spread of AFB in Wales

Concern has been growing over the spread of a deadly disease among the Welsh bee population.

American Foulbrood (AFB) is a highly-infectious disease which is caused by a spore-forming bacteria transferred to the bees through infected food.

It is described as the most widespread and destructive of all the bee brood diseases with no cure.

If detected the whole hive including the bees and honey have to be destroyed.

See the BBC article here.

Also, an interview with Paul Eades, PBKA Apiary Manager on BBC Radio Wales this morning, (Friday 16th August) at 2 hrs 26 mins 50sec.

Plus, a report on BBC TV’s, Wales Today, at 6.30pm this evening (Note this programme was not broadcast due to technical problems at the BBC, we will advise rescheduling in due course)

Pembrokeshire Beekeepers’ Association, once again reminds all of its members to register on Beebase