‘Bee Improvement for All’

We are looking forward to the ‘Bee Improvement for All’ day, aimed at encouraging beekeepers to improve their bees!

The event is being presented by Roger Patterson of the Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association (BIBBA) in conjunction with Pembrokeshire Beekeepers’ Association (PBKA) tomorrow (Saturday, 22nd November) at the Picton Centre, Haverfordwest.

The event starts promptly at 9.30am and will finish at approximately 4.30pm.

The entry fee is £10 and there are still some places available, so if you are interested please contact Paul Eades, the PBKA Apiary Manager on 07988 037571. Note that tea and coffee will be provided, but please bring your own lunch.


John Dudman

As all PBKA members will know by now, our esteemed colleague and Secretary, John Dudman, will be leaving Pembrokeshire next week to move to Wiltshire. John of course has been a key figure in setting up training and seminars for many years and has also been very hands on with the apiary training sessions.

The PBKA would like to extend its sincere thanks and best wishes to John in his new home and I know that we all wish him and his good lady Deborah, the very best of luck in the future.

We will miss him!

In the interim, Paul Eades will be Acting Secretary, until a replacement can be found to fill the Secretary’s position.

Classroom Course
Classroom Course


Who Needs Manuka?

After Four Weeks
After Four Weeks Honey Treatment

Hywel Thomas of Boulston has an account, on his Goodwood Honey website, of how his honey was used to treat a wound on a horse’s fore leg.  Warning, the pictures show the wound before treatment.

Of course local honey is not just about treating wounds, as he says, it tastes good too!

Visit our Local Honey page to find where to buy Pembrokeshire honey.