Monmouthshire Pollinator Action Plan

pollination_1Monmouthshire County Council produced a Proposed Pollinator Action Plan – read it here – which is a response to the Welsh Assembly Government’s Pollinator Action Plan.

This seems a straightforward and good plan, but on 23rd January the Council received a petition with 120 signatures opposing the plan.

Bees for Development are campaigning to ensure that Monmouthshire County realise how much support there is for the proposed policy and are asking for as many people as possible to support the campaign.

Weather Warning!

The Met Office is warning of strong winds for late Sunday and the early hours of Monday, with evidence of a significant storm developing. Please see the Met Office update here and ensure you check their severe weather warnings throughout the weekend for updates.

In view of the above, we strongly recommend that you ensure your hives and stands are suitably secured against the elements!