Queen Marking Pens – Why Pay More?

The pen usually sold for queen marking is the Uni POSCA Marker Pen PC-5M.  The usual charge is £4.14 plus delivery unless you include this in an order of over £100.   Or you can by direct from Geoff Bazin for £3.50.

However the best value is S.E.T in Bridge Street, Haverfordwest who carry the full range of POSCA marker pens in all the colours and all the sizes – there the PC-5M will only cost you £2.99 and you will be supporting a local business.

Listening to Bees

According to this story on the BBC News website listening to what is going on the hive may help work out what is going on and, more importantly, assist with diagnosis of hive health or swarming.  Interestingly enough this story appears in their Technology section and not Science/Environment.  Also interesting, to me, is that the recorder is describes as being ‘about the size of an iPhone’ or an HTC Galaxy I guess, or almost any other smartphone but then Apple would have tried to sue – now you know it is a technology story, and it shows how we have moved on. In the old days it probably would have been described as being about the size of a pack of 20 cigarettes!

Will this story ever develop and appear again?  Forgive me if I am cynical about this.

In the meantime we suggest you keep carrying out those inspections.

Thorne’s Online Sale Starts 21st November

Bargains available from 9.00 am Monday 21st.

Visit the Thorne website.

Hive parts and frames, second quality timber

National super £13.50
National Roof 18.00
National Open Mesh Floor 13.50
National Brood 17.00
National Crownboard, no escapes 7.50
National 14″x12″ Brood 28.00
National Solid Floor 13.50
National Hive Stand 5.50
National Sloping Hive Stand 7.00
Commercial brood body 22.50
Commercial super 13.50
Langstroth Brood Body 17.00
Langstroth Super 13.50
Langstroth Jumbo Brood Body 28.00
Smith Brood Body 18.00
Smith Super 13.50
Dadant Brood Body 28.00
Dadant Super 13.50

Frames (in 50’s)

DN1/SN1 frames £26.00
DN4/SN4 frames 29.00
14″ x 12″ frames 42.00
BS Manley frames 37.00
DN5/SN5 37.00
Commercial Deep, Shallow, Manley 37.00
Langstroth Deep, Shallow, Manley 37.00
Dadant Shallow, Manley 37.00
Langs Jumbo, Dadant Deep 42.00



Frame Cleaner 1.50
500g 3/4″ Frame Nails 3.50
Bee Brush 2.75
S/S Frame Wire, 200g 5.00
S/S Frame Wire, 500g 10.00
500g assorted galvanised nails 1.00
Narrow Plastic Ends 3.25
Secateurs 1.00
Economy Hive Strap 1.75
Ratchet Hive Strap 3.50
Castellated Mouseguard 2.25
Ventilated Mouseguard 2.25
Wire Crimper 5.50
Wire Excluder grid 17″ sq 6.00
Wire excluder grid 18″ sq 6.00
Insulated Quilt, WBC, Langs or Smith 2.00
Basic Hive Tool 2.00
S/S Hive Tool 6.50
S/S Hive tool and frame lifter 6.50
Frame Grip 5.50
Liquid Bee Smoke 1.00
Stainless Smoker 13.50
Corner supports, set 4 50p
Porter Bee Escape 50p
Rhombus Bee Escape 1.50
Circular Bee Escape 1.00
Uncapping Fork 2.75
Uncapping Knife 5.00
Uncapping Roller 15.00
Nylon Valve 5.00
Occasional Jacket & Veil 5.00
Open Mesh Helmet 5.00
100 Plastic Mini Pots 3.00
S/Steel Dbl Strainer 13.50
Nylon Double Strainer 6.00
Conical Tap Strainer, S/S 10.00
Stainless Steel Valve 25.00
200kg Stainless Steel Tank 160.00
50 8oz plain PET jars 11.00
50 Cut comb containers and 4C (colour of your choice) 8.00
500 Cut comb containers and 4C (colour of your choice 65.00
Please note the occasional container may have a small hole or poor fitting lid. They should all be checked with water before use with honeycomb.

Rect 8oz Comb Cutter, S/S 10.00
10 Trio 50p
Local Honey sign 50p
A3 Local Honey for Sale Poster 50p
Plastic Queen Catcher 2.75
Queen Cage 25p
Plastic Press in Cage 25p
Clip Catcher 2.75
Butler Cage 1.20
Pollen Trap 5.50
Propolis Grid 2.00
Polish Tins, 10 2.00
AFB Test Kit. Expiry August 2011 2.00
Mahogany Observation Hive, Commercial. 2 deep frames, 1 shallow frame. No tube or feeder. £50.00
Frame Feeder 8.00
2.5litre Contact Feeder 2.00
Red Mason Bee Book 50p
DVD, An Introduction to Beekeeping with Paul Metcalfe (updated version released this month) 7.50
500g Yellow Paraffin wax 50p
500g Pillar Blend Soy wax (slightly pinky colour) 50p
Star shaped sequins 50p
Hanger cord or Yarn 50p
Assorted candle decorations 1.00
Belinda Bee 2.50
Coloured candle sheets, mixed colours £3.50 per 10.

That’s all folks!

Thorne’s Windsor Sale – September 10th

Please see message below from Thorne’s with details of items on sale for those of you who may now plan to visit relatives in the area over that weekend – but from experience get there early!

Dear Beekeeper

We are now planning for the beekeeping equipment Sale Day at our Windsor branch.

More details below.

First, we want to tell you about our new plastic rapid-type feeder.     It is rectangular and will hold 6 litres of syrup feed.   The new design means that the hole in the feeder will fit on top of the central hole in a standard crownboard for all types of hives.     They are now available online and in our branches at a special introductory price of £7.99.

We now have a Facebook page.    http://www.facebook.com/pages/EH-Thorne-Beehives-Ltd/249052641772753     Do check it out from time to time.    You can see pictures of our new site, new products and important news in the beekeeping community.    We would urge you to read the message from Andy Wattam – the National Bee Inspector.

So, back to the Windsor Sale Day.      Date is Saturday 10th September.   10.00am to 1.00pm       Address is Oakley Green Farm, Oakley Green Road, Oakley Green, Nr Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 4PZ  Tel 01753 83056

Below is a list of many of the bargains available.

Frames – second quality timber – in 50’s only     

DN1 & SN1                                         24.00                           DN4 & SN4                                         27.00

DN5 & SN5, BS Manley                     35.00                           Langs Deep, Shallow                          35.00

14×12, MD Deep, Langs Jumbo        40.00                           16×10 & 16 x 6                                    35.00

Dadant Manley                                   35.00

 Hive Parts – second quality cedar.

National Super                                    12.00                           National B/Body                                  15.00

National Open Mesh Floor                  12.00                           National Roof                                      16.00

National crownboard                             7.00                           Nat 14×12 B/Body                              26.00

National Hive Stand                              5.00                           National Sloping Hive Stand                 5.50

16×10 B/Body                                     20.00                           Commercial Super                             12.00

Smith Brood Body                              16.00                           Smith Super                                        12.00

Langs Brood Body                              15.00                           Langs Super                                        12.00

WBC Brood Body                               10.00                           WBC Super                                           7.50

WBC Lift                                             10.00                           WBC Crownboard                                7.00

Very good quality seconds – Western Red Cedar

Commercial Brood Body                    25.00                           Commercial Super                             15.00

National Brood Body                           18.00                           National Super                                    15.00

National Ass. Open Mesh Floor          20.00

Bees on a Budget Hive                       140.00


Frame Cleaner                        1.50                 Bee Brush                               2.50

Narrow Plastic Ends               3.00                 Secateurs                                1.00

Economy Hive Strap              1.50                 Ratchet Hive Strap                 3.00

Castellated Mouseguard         2.00                 Ventilated Mouseguard           2.00

Wire crimper                           5.00                 Yellow Hive Tool                     2.00

H/D Hive tool                          5.00                 American Hive Tool                5.00

Frame Grip                             5.00                 Liquid Bee Smoke                  1.00

Stainless Smoker                    12.50               Harmless Excluders               1.00

Swarm Lure                            3.50                 Corner supports, set 4              50p

Porter Bee Escape                 50p                 Rhombus Bee Escape            1.50

Circular Bee Escape               1.00                 Uncapping Fork                      2.50

Uncapping Knife                     5.00                 Cold Uncapping Tray (no frame holder)        20.00

Nylon Valve                            5.00                 Lactic Acid                              5.00

Small Vitagreen feed              5.00                 AFB Test Kit                            2.50

Jacket and Hood                    20.00               Jacket and veil                        20.00

Full suit and Hood (adult)        35.00               Full suit and hood (child)         30.00

Hat and Veil                            3.00                 Occasional Jacket & Veil       5.00

Open Mesh Helmet                5.00                 Pair Leather Gloves                5.00

100 Plastic Mini Pots              3.00                 S/Steel Dbl Strainer                12.50

Conical Tap Strainer, S/S       10.00               Stainless Steel Valve              25.00

1000 Tamper Labels               10.00               Mini Strainer & Tank               30.00

Rect 8oz Comb Cutter, S/S    10.00               50 ‘4C’                                     7.00

Plastic Queen Catcher           2.50

Plunger Marking cage             2.50                 Clip Catcher                            2.50

Telescopic Queen Cage         50p                  Butler Cage                             1.00

Pollen Trap                              5.00                 Blow Torch                            10.00

Rapid Feeder                          3.50                 1/2gal Contact Feeder            2.00

1 gal Feeder                            3.50                 Red Mason Bee Book            1.50

Frame Feeder                         7.50                 2.5kgs Apifonda (burst packaging)           2.50

20 Honey Servers                   5.00                 Belinda Bee                             2.50

Coloured candle sheets, mixed colours     £3.50 per 10

Special Introductory Offer

English Feeder                        7.99

First come-first served so don’t be late!

If Windsor is too far, we have more Sales later in 2011.    The Stockbridge branch sale will be Saturday 8th October and the Rand Open and Sale Day on Saturday 12th November.

The online mail order Winter Sale will begin in the second half of November.

Gill Smith

E.H. Thorne (Beehives) Ltd, Beehive Business Park, Rand, Market Rasen, LN8 5NJ