Apiary Reports

As part of a tidy up of this website all reports from Paul Eades the Apiary Manager have been moved into this News section.

You can find all reports by selecting the category PBKA Apiary at the bottom of the page.

Apologies to those Following the website for the multiple emails you will have received as a result of this change.

John Dudman


The Website’s Changed – What happened to the ‘Links’?

You may notice that the Links list which used to appear in a list to the right of your screen have disappeared.  Don’t worry, this information is still available but have been transferred to individual posts.  Using the Find Information About … Category filter you can search for e.g. Suppliers or Beekeeping Organisations which were previously in the Links list.  Alternatively, if you are looking for a supplier of Bee Suits you can select that Category also find a supplier that way as well as our guide to bee suits.

If you have used a particular Supplier and want to tell other people of your experience  then then please add a comment to the supplier post.  Comments must be based on your own experiences, be factually correct and/or represent your honestly held views.  Comments are moderated and those which break the rules will not be published.

You may also notice that a Search feature has been added which allows you to type a keyword – e.g. Swarm and find any post which contains that word.

Hope you find these changes useful.