Bee theft update!

It has been reported that a white van was attempting to enter an apiary in the Cresselly area yesterday and took off when approached. It is strongly recommended that all beekeepers remain highly vigilant and check their apiaries for security. If you see any suspicious activity, please take the registration number of any associated vehicle and report to the police and ourselves asap.

PBKA Membership 2019 and Insurance Cover!

Please note that the 2019 PBKA membership is now overdue.

If haven’t already done so and in order to ensure your membership of the PBKA with its associated benefits including, BDI and Public/Products Liability insurance, please download and complete the 2019 pbka membership form and return to the Membership Secretary with the appropriate fee as soon as possible, in order to ensure your insurance cover is in force before the season begins. Please note that there is a 40 day grace period before the BDI insurance kicks in so it is important to renew asap!