WBKA webinar – Preparing Bees for the Winter on Aug 27, 2020 at 7:30 PM BST

Join the WBKA for a webinar on Aug 27, 2020 at 7:30 PM BST.

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Following on from the WBKA Varroa Control webinar on August 6th, Wally Shaw will talk about ensuring that your colonies are ready and well fed before the winter.

Registration for this webinar is open to all beekeepers and, as usual, we will open with a short, general Q&A session. Send your advance questions by email to l&d@wbka.com

We are interested to know how widely our webinars are viewed and so would appreciate you answering a couple of questions when registering for the event.

Links to recordings of our previous webinars can be found on the Welsh Beekeepers’ Association website www.wbka.com.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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Welsh beekeepers may also be interested to register for a webinar on September 16th at 7.30pm by WBKA Patron, Prof. Robert Pickard on Viruses in Honey Bees and Humans.  The talk is arranged by the Central Association of Beekeepers and is free to their members but open to non members for a fee of £3.  If you are interested in attending this webinar please follow the link below.

URGENT – Starvation Risk Warning!

Bee Inspectors across the UK are reporting that many colonies are in need of food where honey has been harvested and nectar availability is reduced. Where starvation is a risk, replacement food needs to be provided.

Please monitor your colonies throughout the coming months and feed as required to ensure your bees do not starve. A standard full size British National colony needs between 20-25 kg of stores to successfully overwinter. Sugar syrup should be made with 1kg of sugar to 650ml of warm water or a commercially ready-made bee syrup can be given.

For further information, please see the Best Practice Guidance No. 7 – Feeding Bees Sugar

Beginners’ training sessions to restart!

It has been immensely frustrating for the Association and those new to beekeeping, not to be able to have the fortnightly training sessions at the training apiary at The Rhos due to Covid 19.

We now consider it safe to re open the sessions, with sensible social distancing in place, for those members new to beekeeping and who would benefit from some practical advice and guidance.

On that basis, the next Beginners’ Session will be at The Rhos Apiary, at 2pm on this coming Sunday 26th July.

Please bring your own beesuits, gloves and wellies [we do have spare beesuits for those without] as well as a face mask.

The weather forecast is for showers, so it may not be possible to undertake practical inspections, in which case we will have a Q&A session in the barn.

For directions and for any queries, please e-mail Jeremy on jeremypercy@gmail.com or call 07799 698568